Auto Repay YouTube Videos / Playlists in Firefox, Chrome, IE And Other Browsers

Auto replay / automatically repeat YouTube videos feature allows you to replay your favorite songs without the need for you to press the ‘Play’ button every time a particular video ends.

Some browsers, with built in capacity to add extensions / apps, make the auto repeat feature a breeze when compared to others. Since this particular feature is not provided by YouTube by default, you HAVE to rely on third party products / services to enjoy this service.

Let us take a look at how it can be achieved on individual browsers:

1> FireFox:

Loopy, a handy Firefox Add-On, along with GreaseMonkey provides a platform to auto repeat videos in Firefox. One of the main advantage of this set up is, not only can you play individual videos, you can auto loop playlists too.

For those who do not have GreaseMonkey installed – this Addon will serve the purpose, however, with this addon you’ll not be able to auto look playlists, but only individual videos.

2> Google Chrome:

The Auto-Replay extension on chrome provides you with different set of features when compared to Loopy of FireFox. One of the interesting feature – Selective video clip auto replay – i.e., it provides ‘Replay From‘ – ‘Play Till‘ option. With this option, you can repeat / replay only that part of the video which you want to.

Other browsers have limitations because of which the process is not as easy as with FireFox and Chrome. If you are using any other browser then you can visit websites like: and where you can watch your favorite videos repeatedly.

The limitation with all the above is you need to have internet connection in order to stream the video the first time before you can play it. To over come this situation you can download the videos from youtube / playlists from youtube and use any offline media player like VLC to auto repeat the videos.

Why YouTube Is Staying With Flash Rather Than HTML5… For Now.

In an earlier post I discussed why Apple announced it would no longer be working with Adobe. To sum it up, Apple disliked Adobe Flash player for a variety of reasons. In Apple’s word’s Flash player had constant issues, was a closed system, and alternative solutions allowed web developers more options while allowing consumers to view web media without having to rely on a third party plug-in. Instead of choosing to stick with Flash, Apple is now relying on JavaScript, CSS, and the new HTML5. Unfortunately not everyone is cutting the cord from Flash and moving on.

One of the largest and most well-known video compilation websites is YouTube. Millions upon millions of people use YouTube each day and viral videos make it a great place for anyone looking for a few laughs. Here recently there has been a great movement to switch from Flash over to HTML5. YouTube, however, has decided to not make the leap over to HTML5…yet.

Since HTML5 is still a work in progress, it has a lot of issues that need to be fixed before it is a widely used by all browsers. It is for these reasons that YouTube has also not made the switch over. A big issue with HTML5 is that there are significant differences reported when viewing videos. YouTube has a trail session running for HTML5 and when you run the same video on it you can tell that HTML5 does not have as high of a quality as regular Flash. I tried it myself and noticed a difference in video quality when viewing HD, but didn’t see any difference in time delay which was also noted amongst other users.

On top of the lesser video quality and reported delays, there is also no set codec standard. Since there are users uploading video constantly, YouTube wants to minimize the amount of codecs it has to support. Then there are the limitations. HTML5 does not allow users to upload directly from YouTube’s built-in video recording software. The final issue with HTML5 issue is that YouTube wants to protect its Digital Rights so that no one is able to copy and spread the videos all throughout the web without the owner’s consent.

Despite YouTube’s current reluctance they are still waiting for HTML5. With their HTML5 trial running right now, YouTube is sticking with Flash, but is preparing for HTML5 in the near future along with all the other browsers.

YouTube iFrame Disappears When Embedded In WordPress

Back in July 2010, YouTube announced a new way to embed videos on your websites. But unfortunately, I’ve always faced problems while trying to embed videos in my WordPress posts.

Try this:

1> Go to any YouTube video.

2> Get the Embed code (which will be wrapped up in <iframe> — </iframe>),

3> Paste the code in your WordPress HTML, switch to Visual mode and switch back to HTML mode. You’ll notice that the entire YouTube code will be missing :).

Currently I’m using version 3.1.2 build and this problem still persists. I’m not sure if this has something to do with WordPress or iframes.

Solution: Workaround for this problem

The simplest work around for this problem is, instead of embedding YouTube code wrapped up in iframes, use the old embed code.

1> Click on “Share” –> and then on “Embed”. By default, you’ll notice the code wraped in iframe:

2> Scroll a little down and you’ll notice a couple of options and one of them will be : “Use old embed code” and you’ll see the code will change.

After making your selection, copy and paste the embed code from the text box and you’ll notice results as per your selection.

Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Resolving Problems Related To Watching Movies On Media Player

Are you having difficulty in watching some digital movies on media player? Just read this article which will help you.

When surfing on internet, sometimes we get some very interesting digital videos which we like to watch again and again in our leisure time but sometime our browser does not support with that version of Media Player and we become very desperate to watch that video but waiting for that video to download online casinos will become one more torture when your internet is giving you a slow speed.

So what is the solution to get those digital videos? Yes, of course, there is one solution and that is FreeMake, a free video proselyte for the Windows users which has many useful tools.

The users of FreeMake get more comprehensive features unlike other video converters. The features of FreeMake are as follows:

• It is very easy to proselyte videos into most famous video formats such as WMV, 3GP, MP3 DVD, AVI
• automatically upload selected videos to YouTube, burn files to DVD
create DVD photo slideshows with melodious background music
Convert audio/video files which are supportive to various devices of multimedia such as iPhone, iPod, PSP, Blackberry, and Xbox.

Apart from all these features, FreeMake contains the following special editing features like rotate, cut, join multiple videos and store them into one file, and flip.

Download Freemake

Convert Powerpoint Files To Youtube Video Files

How To Convert Powerpoint Files To Youtube Video Files

If you want to share your PowerPoint files with your friends through YouTube or Metacafe video sharing websites, you need to use PPT2YouTube freeware. This freeware converts your PPT files into YouTube video files.

This utility tool maintains the quality of video files along with PPT files when the conversion process takes place. You can simply use this freeware with a lot of these. You just need to import PowerPoint files, select a location to save converted files and press the start button to initiate conversion process. 

This tool will not tamper the original PPT images, animations, effects, sounds, and clips. Once the conversion process completes, your converted YouTube video files will be stored in the location that you specify.

Features of PPT2YouTube

  • Converts PPT files to MP4 video files.
  • Retains original PPT files
  • High quality video delivered
  • Convert PPT to YouTube video at free of cost.

Embed Higher Quality YouTube Video Clips On Websites or Blogs

Technique for Embedding Higher Quality YouTube Video Clips On Websites or Blogs

While watching video clips on YouTube website, you can choose to view the videos in higher quality of resolution. It is also possible that you make settings so that YouTube will playback the video clip with the same high resolution quality automatically.

But, when it comes to YouTube video clips which are embedded on web pages or blogs, there is no flexibility to upgrade or switch the video-clip playback to high resolution quality. However, bloggers or webmasters can embed a high resolution code onto the website so as to allow the visitors to view the videos in high resolution mode.

Webmasters can follow the below mentioned hack to embed a code for high resolution video streaming which will stream as MP4 (H.264 Video with AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) audio) and will be encoded at a resolution of 480×360.  

This is very much similar to the hack used to view high resolution video clips on YouTube with &fmt=6 or &fmt=18 switch wherein the publisher requires to attach a suitable switch to YouTube embed code for the Flash Player to understand that the video has to be played with high resolution video streaming.

However, just adding the default flag “&fmt=18” at the end of the URL in the address bar won’t work. In the embed code, you need to add “&ap=%2526fmt%3D18” at the end of the URL of the video clip specified in “embed src” and “param value”.

You need to append “&ap=%2526fmt%3D18” at the end of the video clip URL “” at two instances in the embed code, where, xxxxxxxxxxx is nothing but unique video ID.

For e.g. If the URL of the video clip is “”, the embed code will look like:

<object width=”425? height=”344?><param name=”movie” value=”></param><embed src=” type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” width=”425? height=”344?></embed></object>

Visitors will be able to enlarge the high quality YouTube video to the width equal to “480” without affecting the picture quality since the high resolution streaming video is been encoded at a resolution of 480×360.

With the arrival of High Definition (HD) era, YouTube is also able to playback the hosted videos at 720p HD picture quality resolution which is quite close to CD audio quality.

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

Setting YouTube To Play High-Quality Videos By Default

YouTube has officially started delivering video clips in stereo audio mode and HD (High Definition) resolution for presenting a better viewing experience to the viewers. Now, viewers do not have to use &fmt=6 or &fmt=18 switch trick anymore to view high resolution videos on YouTube.

YouTube now has a link for users to view a supported video clip in high definition resolution. The link for watching high quality video appears beneath the video’s view count if high resolution display is supported.

If you are presently viewing the video clip in high definition, a link for viewing the video in standard quality will be displayed. This helps the user to easily toggle between standard quality and high quality video as sometimes streaming a video in higher definition might not go smoothly and the video might stop in between for buffering.

However, if you are a YouTube account holder, have a speedy internet connection and wish to watch all YouTube video clips in high definition mode always, you are now able to do so. YouTube has an option within the user account settings which allows you to set high quality as a default for video playback.

The video playback resolution by default is set as normal, which basically means lower quality. To make the changes in the video playback settings and set YouTube to play videos in high quality always (wherever available and supported), you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Open the Account page on YouTube.
  • Under the section “Account”, click on the link “Video Playback Quality”.
  • Choose the radio button corresponding to the option which confirms that you have a fast internet connection and asks YouTube to play videos in high quality whenever available.
  • Click on the button “Save Setting”. This will make the changes effective immediately.
  • If you wish to revert back your selection, you can select the option for choosing the video quality dynamically depending on the connection speed. Alternatively, you may also choose the option for confirming that you have a slow internet connection and asking YouTube not to play videos in high quality.

Watch Your Favorite Youtube Videos On Your Television Set

Watch Your Favorite Youtube Videos On Your Television Set

Not everyone is aware about this particular possibility, but it is true that you can now watch YouTube on your television. Initially, Nintendo Wii games consoles and Sony PS3 we’re being used to get the service at This service is still available in the beta version.

Through a smooth interface, the TV websites are able to provide you a lean back, dynamic 10 foot experience of watching a television. In addition to this, now you can find, watch and share your favorite videos on YouTube. With just few clicks on your remote control set, you can simply watch your favorite videos on any TV screen.

On the other hand an enlarged text appearance and a simplified navigation enabled feature is provided which you can enjoy watching of your favorite YouTube videos on TV in a very relaxed way. It also contains an inbuilt optional autoplay feature. You can watch all the videos in sequential manner by using this autoplay feature.

This gives you an experience of watching classic television. All these TV websites are now available in 12 languages and are spread across in 22 regions all over the world.

Get 3D Player Enabled In Youtube Videos

Get 3D Player Enabled In Youtube Videos

3D Movies is the next big thing in the field of movies. The popularity of this latest technology has forced corporate players to field in their strategies and plans in order to gain maximum profits. Google has already started having a look into this prospect.

Google using its popular video sharing website, YouTube, is in the process to develop new ways that will enable users enjoy videos in 3D. The development of this process is still extremely preliminary and is in an experimental stage. For now, users can try the 3D visual effect on some of the video clips on YouTube via YouTube’s latest Stereoscopic Player also known as the 3D Movie Player.

Google these days is trying and testing some of the movie clips in 3D. The company has distributed a video in 3D and can be checked by users to have a feel of it. Presently ten 3D styles are available for the user to choose as per their liking.

 Some of the styles available are cyan/red glasses with an optimizer, cyan/red glasses with full color, cyan/red glasses with black and white effects, blue/amber glasses with black and white effects, blue/amber glasses with full color, green/magenta glasses with black and white effect, green/magenta glasses with full color, parallel, mirror split, cross eyed, Right Image and Left Image Only.

Users are going ahead with the 3D videos and would prefer enabling a 3D player in the movies or clips uploaded by them. There are some of the provisional tags given below that help in enabling the 3D player or the Stereoscopic Player. The most commonly used tags are

Yt3d: enable=true: this parameter or command is to enable the 3D Player.

Yt3d: aspect=3:4: this parameter is used to set the encoded clips aspect ratio.

Yt3d: swap=true: this parameter helps in swapping the right and left sources. Users will be required to add this parameter to their videos.

Yt3d: left=0_0.1_0.5_0.9 and the Yt3d: right=0.5_0.1_1_0.9: these are the most provisional tags and are also extremely useful when it comes to fix up the older videos. They help in setting up the area of the source for a single eye using coordinates x1_y1_x2_y2. 0,0 is the coordinates scale from the topmost left to 1,1 at bottom right.

Other than the above mentioned parameters, the user is advised to avoid left & right. The source should be made as large as possible according to the frame. It is also required to set the yt3d: aspect parameter correctly.

Use SpeedyiTunes To Boost Flash Video Downloading

Use SpeedyiTunes To Boost Flash Video Downloading

While watching the online movie, if it gets interrupted or runs jerkily because of slow internet connection, you will surely get frustrated. When the video clip tends to stream, it gets paused for a while and so you could not enjoy the smooth flow of the movie. In such situations SpeedyiTunes will surely help you out of this hassle. It reduces the buffering time of the video and creates a smoother effect.

You could use SpeedyiTunes absolutely Download for free. This allows you to speed up the streaming of an online video. All you need to do is install it once. After installing you could enjoy a quicker download time for the flash songs, movies, videos and etc. This application greatly reduces the download time and it doesn’t depend on the internet connection whether it is slow or fast. You could use this application more effectively while downloading or watching video clips on YouTube.

In addition with YouTube, this utility also works well with other video websites for example Yahoo video, AOL video, MSN Video, MSN video, MySpace video, Veoh and etc. With this utility you not only boost the streaming of the video but also you could make use of various features for example recording of the streaming MP3 while you are listening to it online. You just have to click on the record button and the recording of the music or songs will get started.

SpeedyiTunes works well with almost all the web browsers like Opera, FireFox, Internet Explorer, AOL, Google Chrome and etc. Just use the link given Here to download the Speedy iTunes tool for free.