Take Timely Breaks With Eye Relax Application

If you are spending maximum time working on computer, then you need to take timely breaks to relax your eyes. It is quite obvious that you might forget to take a short break during your work. It is very harmful if you work consistently on your computer without taking break.

There is a useful utility application named Eye Relax which helps the users to analyses their spent time and it reminds them when they need to take a break. It means this application will give you notification and inform you when you need to take a break.

You just need to download and install this tiny software on your computer to use it. Launch this application on your computer, and you will get interactive user interface. Users can set their working and break time according to their preferences.

Apart from the above mentioned feature, it allows you to personalize your notification messages such as set blank screen, bubbles, and selected images for interval notifications. There is a parental control feature available which enables parents to determine and control their sons and daughters usage time by setting password on the computer.

It surely is the complete utility to manage your routine work smartly.


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