If you are looking for an software that is an alternative for Teamviewer, which gives you remote access and desktop control, then LogMeIn is your best choice.

LogMeIn is an unique software that enables remote access to PCs / computers, Macs, over the widespread means of internet. Versions, LogMeInPro and LogMeIn provide users with access over remote desktops with file management, online chat, printer operation and sound features.

LogMeIn IT is an admin tool that helps IT professionals to maintain their access over computers remotely. LogMeIn Rescue provides great desk remote access to solve problems occurring on end user’s PC or desktop machine. An add-on feature of LogMeIn Rescue, Mobile, helps end users to gain remote access over mobile devices.

The advantages of using LogMeIn software is to gain absolute control over computers, Smartphone and Macs. This software helps professionals to reinforce their brand and succeed in their business with multi-feature driven calling cards. You can have access to computers and even pocket PCs from any browser. You can check your emails, browse through programs and enable absolute support to remote users.

LogMeIn PC access products, deploy desk protocol which gets transmitted through SSL. For every remote desktop in computers, there is a specific SSL certificate to enable the security in communications exchanged between the accessing computer and remote desktop. LogMeIn enables the connection between the remote desktop and accessing computer configured with SSL through NAT traversal techniques to attain the connectivity between peers and professionals as and when required. The web portal based on internet on the accessing computer helps users to access the status information, details and other management functions of the remote desktop.

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(**Update – Aug 03, 2011**)

Free TeamViewer Alternative Software

I got requests from visitors for free software with similar functionality like TeamViewer, but more flexible in terms of licensing policies. I’ve compiled a list of free as well as paid alternatives for TeamViewer. If you have suggestions please chip in and I’ll add it to the list.


  1. i have nokia lumia 900, a window phone and it does not support Team viwer,i required any remote access software that can support by my phone.

  2. I don’t think any remote support can have complete access to either a iOS or android smartphone unless it is rooted or jailbroke. Some software can do email support and a couple more things but they cannot take full control of the screen.

    But the reverse is true to many products on teh marketplace, the tech can control a computer from their android device, iphone, or ipad.

    I use ScreenConnect. The purchase included iOS and android support which many other software charge extra for the ability to use devices. I really liked that about it. For free use I prefer teamviewer to logmein. Teamviewer has a free android app. Logmein charges for ignition.

  3. @Sangeetha – You both can work at the same time, but don’t you think that’ll cause a problem ?? It’s as good as two guys sitting right in front of the computer and trying to access the same monitor, same mouse and same keyboard !

  4. Hi,

    I am sharing my computer with my It guys, who remotely helps me in fixinf some issues. At the same time, I want to work on my system too. I am using Teamviewer for remote desktop. Is it possible ?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


  5. dear sir

    i want to use teamview on my system

    but i want to view my system by mobile

    do u have any trial software


  6. @Braintiller – It’s not true that someone has to be at both ends for teamviewer to work. You can set options for teamviewer to fire up as soon as the system boots up, and by setting a predefined password you can login to TeamViewer without any need for authentication at the other end.

    Let me know if you need any clarification and will tell you how to achieve this.


  7. The major disadvantage of TeamViewer is someone has to be at both ends – the host end and the remote end for this to work. You cannot use this unless you have someone at both ends. Also functionality is more limited with this. You might be interested in RHUB solution for your
    remote access needs. An easy-to-install and convenient-to-use system! It’s a one-time fee product without any ongoing monthly charges like LogMeIn.


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