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Teamviewer was working perfectly when i was accessing my desktop remotely on my wifi connection at home.Now that i live far away from home whenever i switch on teamviewer on my laptop to access my home computer it shows a message in green “Only Lan connections possible”.

What exactly is the problem ?

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If you are using TeamViewer Version 3.6.4606 or above, then a new feature was introduced “Option to allow LAN connections only (turns off Internet access)“. Strong possibility is that you have turned of this option, unknowingly, which is preventing you from connecting to your partner over the internet.

To check if you have accidentally turned this option, go to TeamViewer Advanced Options and check if you have clicked on the “LAN Connections only” checkbox. That should solve your problem.

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  1. Also, make sure your firewall is not blocking TeamViewer and related services. You can turn off firewall briefly to see if this is the problem, is so, TV should connect right away.

  2. I am using Ver.11.
    Go to Extras-Option-Incoming LAN connections > deactivated.
    Restart it.Done

  3. Patty, it is a solution that would work on the older versions of Team Viewer. Note that this article was posted in 2010.

  4. is this a joke? i cant even find that option inside the options , i also updated my app & still there is nothing

  5. Open Teamviewer up top Click on extras Click options Down at the bottom where it says
    incoming LAN connections if it’s not already checked select Deactivated. That is the way mine is and it works.

  6. Hi,

    I was using teamviewer (Alex, suddenly I tried a proxy browser (tor). After that teamviewer is not working. I all ready uninstall tor browser but still its not working.

    now it’s getting local IP and showing only LAN connections are possible.
    Help me.


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