Technical Trick To Protect Eyesight On Computer 

Online clear type tuner is a very beneficial tool which supports in tuning up monitor settings to provide the best eyesight friendly adaptation displaying on your computer. 

This can be enabled only through Internet explorer browser, and not through any other web-browsers, else the trick does not work 

Users can also download another minor tool namely “windows xp clear type tuner power toy” on computer system and align settings on it. 

Trick to elevate refresh rate avoiding flickering on computer monitor 

The flickering monitor impairs eyesight. As our eye sight is not that much responsive to withstand this flicker. So this tool will make computer monitor flicker or refresh rate more avoiding flickering of the monitor. 

Few simple steps to “Increase-Refresh-Rate” are as follows:

·         Select Windows Start Option and Navigate through Control Panel and Select Computer Display.

·         Now display properties window pops up. In this select Settings tab.

·         Under Settings present in the bottom right hand side corner, select the advanced tab.

·         Now another window will pop up under this select Monitor tab.

·         Now verify under Monitor settings if “hide-modes- that-this-monitor-cannot-display” option is checked

·         Now right above you see a drop down menu which says “Screen-refresh-rate”, try to set it to as less as possible.

·         Now Select Apply and then Select Ok to make changes saved. 

Excellent!, following the above illustrated first two steps will set your computer’s display settings to more eyesight-friendly, and there will never be any issue even if you work for many hours staring at your computer screen.



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