Bit Che is pronounced Bit Clay, che means ‘friend. The Bit che application is a wonderful new application that allows the user to have tremendous reach to sites. It tracks down all the torrent sites and lets the individual see all the results, which is shown in a simple and efficient format.

The individual does not need to go from site to site to check the sites and its latest updates. This application does it for the user, but the functions are not limited to just searching sites. It other functions include, ability to instantly preview the torrent details by reading the torrent file directly, easily view the page where the torrent was found, one click to open the torrent in favorite BT client downloader, built-in filtering to remove duplicate torrents found across the different sites that it searches.

The other additional features that can be viewed on its homepage are these: Super fast torrent searching; Uses ‘hyper-fetching’ to instantly preview torrent details; Integrates with any torrent download client (uTorrent, etc); Advanced result filtering (duplicates, file size, -keywords); Tabbed Searching (Guevara Edition); Media Type Searching (Guevara Edition) ; Morning Coffee Extension (Guevara Edition); Translated into over 35 languages. Bit che can be called true ‘friend’ to the user using it as it gives the individual a lot of advantages. The user does not need to work beyond just clicking on Bit che and rest is done by Bit Che.

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