Your e-mail is valuable to you particularly when you are fortunate enough to get a login name that you need. Anyone that gets their hands on it can use or abuse it. Each time you give your e-mail to somebody, you run the danger of being spammed. Each time you post to a newsgroup, or employ a consultation board, the same applies. And, after you get onto a spammer’s list, it’s extraordinarily hard to get off. You will not just keep your e-mail a secret either.

What is the point of having e-mail if no-one can write to you? Fortunate you for being here because I do have a solution for you Heard of Non-permanent Email? A small number of you may have heard of it and even used it For those hearing this for the 1st time, carry on reading.. There are some internet sites that provides free non-permanent e-mail service. These brief mailbox will typically expire in one hour, some one day and some you can even customise it. You can create a brief email and anybody can login without password.

Ensure you aren’t using common names like admin, guest, gautam and and so on. Use more explicit names like gautamdd3268243;. Few sites does not offer you the power to select the login name and they at random generate a login name for you. Some even provide secured temporary email which you want to have both login and password to use the transient mailbox. As for sending nameless emails from the non-permanent e-mail account, not all have this function.


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