Test Your Computers Performance With Heavyload

Most users are generally not concerned about the resources of their system as long as it performs well and is reliable. Exceptions like software developers, programmers are a bit different. They would like to test the performance of their system under conditions in which all resources are functional and fully utilized.

HeavyLoad, a tiny and free application helps users to test the performance of their system while using all the resources. The application is compatible with only the Windows Operating System. The system is run with this application and utilizes maximum resources of the system like running the CPU at its maximum capacity, creating temporary files for erroneous performance of the read/write operation, performing complex calculations and lots more.

HeavyLoad is not the type of software that is to be used every day. Users would not like to simulate heavy actions to test their systems performance so regularly. The application is absolutely free and is extremely handy if someone needs to understand his/her computer in a better way. For all the curious users this application is the best as it helps them solve their curiosity by testing their systems on a regular basis.

The free and latest version of this application can be downloaded from Here


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