The Best 5 Affiliate Programs Especially For Indian Publishers

If you are running a website, blog, portal or any web based property then you must utilize your ad spaces carefully in order to generate huge incomes. There are several ways to convert your blog or website into an earning object by placing ads over there. If you are from India and own a website or other web related property, you need to be prudent enough while choosing the advertisement for your website or blog.

 It is pretty clear that owing an Indian website determine the maximum traffic from India merely. So, several Ad networks such as Chitika, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Infolinks etc will not provide so much opportunity to Indian publishers. In this situation being Indian website owners you need to choose few ad networks or Affiliate Programs that provide space to your website developments and let you earn huge income.

Affiliate programs and ad networks both terms refer to same thing the only dissimilarity is the manner they approach. Generally ad networks provide you CPC (Cost per Links) and CPM (Cost per Million) type ads, whereas affiliate programs works on CPA (Cost per Action) method. The affiliate programs provide you ads which can be converted into money then someone taps on the ad followed by the required actions.

In simple language when someone clicks on the ads and complete some required actions such as filling up a form, survey, registration etc. you will be paid on every completion of the action. The best part of the affiliate programs is its huge pay outs that are higher than the other two common models of ads.

There are few reliable affiliate programs for Indian publishers that grasp some committed campaigns for Indian traffic. You can earn $100 for just one complete converted click.

Here are few top affiliate programs for Indian publishers

Adsend Media:  This one is the most reliable affiliate networks which provide two methods of advertising (File Gateway and Content Gateway) to earn money from your blog or websites.


File Gateway refers the process of shortening the URLs of several download links. Being a website owner you just need to curtail the URL to earn handsome money. The entire process include below given steps:

  • Initially, you just shorten or abbreviate the selected URL in Adsend Media interface.
  • Now post the URL as a Link
  • Whenever users tap on the link, they will be redirected to a dedicated webpage of Adsend Media.
  • Here user needs to complete some required actions such as form filling, signup etc.
  • Once the user completed action properly, user will be landed to actual download link.
  • Finally, user downloads the specified link and you will be paid once the action completes.

Content Gateway is another effective and profit making method works on contents. Whenever users land over the adsend media content gateway, it will be blocked. In order to unblock the webpage users need to fill up a short survey. Webmaster can configure the several types of surveys to choose from.

You will be paid from both methods approximate $1+ via your paypal account.

  • NeverBlueAds: As its name depicts, NeverBlueAds affiliate program cater only family ads and associated with numerous advertisers in order to provide best converting ads to all international publishers. They have categorized ad formats and customized pages. It offers specific types of promotions such as paid search, email, registration path, social network etc. They pay via paypal, normal check, and wire transfers.

  • RegNow: This is the most powerful affiliate program powered by Digital River N Network. They provide handsome profit making affiliate programs all across the world and payout remain same for every publisher. This one basically revolves around the tech products such as iPhone, PC, applications etc. Whenever someone purchases the product, you will be paid instantly. The margin of commission varies from 10% – 75% depending on products. If you are owing a technology based website or blog then the chances are double to earn huge amount of money

  • Google Affiliate Network: The latest released of Google Affiliate Network named, ConnectCommerce provides extensive affiliate programs to the Indian publishers. Since it is the Google product so you can incorporate your adsense account with this one. This way your all earning will be paid to your adsense account easily. However, you have to reach out the minimum payout target $100 in order to get paid.

  • MoneyCosmos: This one is complete dedicate to Indian publishers. Since they work with numerous Indian advertisers, hence the chances of conversion will be doubled.  You will be paid $1 on every complete registration. Moreover, you will be paid 20% of each transaction complete by visitor apart from $1.


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