Spiceworks is a freeware application installed in systems to conduct the scanning and monitoring of software and hardware for varied installed network devices. This application is especially designed for both medium and small scale businesses to provide easy system management, analysis of software for helpdesk for professional network administers. An offering by company Spiceworks, located in Texas, this application is an inventory of Scott Abel, Francis Sullivan and Greg Kattawar.

Spiceworks is popularly implemented to keep the users alert on the varied software and hardware in use by the system. The Spiceworks IT desktop is installed on computers to keep a close eye on the network assets of the system, monitor activities and formulate reports on the errors or troubleshoot network problems and run an effective helpdesk. This application is supported by Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix et al. It is also highly compatible with other devices holding IP addresses like printers, VOIP phones, smart phones etc. This is one of the best means to keep the managers and network administrators updated with alerts on low-disk space, unauthorized software and timely updates on the status of anti-virus.

Installation of Spiceworks on your system enables you to build up a connection with remote IT managers. In case, of troubleshoots and errors, you can access guidance by posting your queries to administer, and referring to formulated wiki articles. This application features an online community as well by the name, “Spiceworks community” which helps users to post in their technical questions related to the access of this application. Your answers would then be catered by a group of technical gurus guiding you on the correct optimization of the application.

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  1. Good afternoon. Thanks for previously featuring Spiceworks on Techbuzz. Sites like yours are essential for spreading the word to small and medium businesses about our free IT management software.

    I wanted to give you a heads up that we’re currently Beta-testing Spiceworks 4.5 which you and your readers can download and try out here – http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/81484. If you decide to test it and write a review, let me know so I can promote the post on Twitter and in the Spiceworks online community. The same offer applies if any of your readers host an IT-focused blog and decide to post about Spiceworks.

    Let me know if you have any questions and thanks again for your support.

    -Jason, Spiceworks


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