Lately I have been writing about some of the free internet fax solutions that I came across. I also mentioned about a few paid services which you can use to send and receive fax online, to your email ids. In this article I’d like to summarize on whats the best fax solution you can find online.

If you send and receive a lot of fax, then you should check out eFax, the best solution if your business heavily relies on sending and receiving fax.

If you occasionally send fax, then you should go for PamFax’s fax solution for Skype, where you’ll pay as per page sent.

And if you just receive faxes, then you can go for Packetel’s offer, where you pay close to $4 every month to receive the faxes in your email.

So if you are business involves sending limited number of faxes and receive a lot of a fax, then you can combine PamFax and Packetel.


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