Sharing data can’t get more easier. is a free internet clipboard. Paste anything you want – pictures, text, files, links and you can find the information on any other computer, using the same URL.

CL1P is a cool application that lets your share data between computers using Internet as a virtual clipboard.

You can use CL1P in 3 simple steps :

1> Enter a URL that starts with ‘’

2> Paste any data you want

3> Use the same URL to retrieve the same data on any other computer.

The Free Internet Clipboard To Share Anything In Internet Easily

There is no registration or sign up necessary. You should know that the data you enter can be accessed by anybody online. However, there is an option to secure the data you have uploaded by a password.

There are lot of other uses of CL1P like : you can create a notebook, have a conversation, create a community or even extend an online forum.

[ Visit CL1P ]


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