When you think of how much technology has changed in such a short period of time, it is truly amazing. To think of how our lives will be altered in 10, 25, and 50 years from now can seriously give you a headache! There are so many different avenues for humans to explore, and so much more technology that needs to be developed that it is impossible to think of how the future will be.

Despite all of the uncertainties, there are a few things that we, as consumers, are privy to. Companies love to release snippets of information about upcoming devices and products to heighten anticipation and increase sales. There has been a rumor floating around for the future of tablet and laptop devices, and finally it has been put into action.

Introducing the Rolltop:

At first this design was meant to be merely a means to receive feedback on an idea, but due to the immense crowd of web viewers who liked this idea the original designers of Rolltop decided to go ahead and try and make a real product.

The Rolltop starts off as a carrying device much like a tube with a strap. It folds out completely flat into a huge 17 inch touchscreen tablet. From there it can be converted to two devices; a laptop or a monitor. For the laptop you merely take part of the tablet, fold it up and lock it in place. The bottom part then turns into a digital keyboard where the top turns into a 13 inch laptop screen. If you wish to watch a movie you can simply fold the Rolltop back down to the tablet mode, lift it up, and prop it in the standing position with a small hidden stand at the back.

On top of all of the different ways this device can be switched up to suit the user’s needs, there are also tons of features that are built into this uniquely designed device. The tube that is used to roll up the screen sits up and serves as a handy standing speaker that comes equipped with a camera at the top. The strap that is used to carry around the Rolltop is converted into the power cord, and there are tons more features that can be viewed from their website at www.myrolltop.com

MyRollTop in Action here:

The versatility of the device is astounding and the technology to build it is here. With incredibly flexible OLED screens this device could be put on the market soon. Fortunately the designers of Rolltop are looking for a partner to help make their dream possible. Hopefully this device is on the market fairly soon!



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