After you install and run the NOD32 anti virus program (from ESET) on your computer, in its default configuration, NOD32 typically appends a footer message to all your emails you have loaded on to your mail client. It happens for almost any email client you might use – Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla ThunderBird, or Eudora. This message states that the mail saved on to the mail client’s database from the internet has been checked for viruses by NOD 32 and is virus-free. It looks something like:

__________ NOD3 Information __________
This message was checked by NOD32 antivirus system.

The primary purpose of this message is to let you know that the mail has been checked by NOD32 IMON (Internet Monitor) while going through port 110, or by EMON (Microsoft Outlook Email Monitor) while going to Outlook Inbox. However, this message can be unnecessary for most of the cases and sometimes even irritating – so it is quite likely that you might want to turn this off.

The good news is that this feature can be disabled (altered) quite easily. All you have to do is follow the steps listed below.

1> Open the NOD32 Control Center.
2> Expand Threat Protection Modules tab.
3> Click on IMON.
4> On the IMON right pane, click on Setup button to display the IMON Setup options.
5> On POP3 pane and Append tag messages to email sub-section of Check email confirmations section, there are three options available – no notification, infected email only and all email (this is the default one). You can select the settings that you prefer.



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