Smart phone are everywhere and the apps that go with them are essential! Not only do apps bring additional options to your phone and unlock its full potential, but they also allow you to customize your phone and play numerous games in your spare time! Android is one of the biggest names in the phone industry and there are thousands and thousands of apps for these smart phones.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the most essential Android Apps that you simply can’t do without! We’ve taken all of the latest apps into consideration and you’ll be surprised at what made our top ten list! Despite how fun games can be, we’ve excluded them from our list so that you are left with functional apps that enhance your phone.

10. Flashlight – This is a very simple app that is often overlooked, but its simplicity is what truly makes this app something you can’t do without. If you drop your keys, are looking for a light switch, or doing anything else in dim lighting this is one of the handiest apps you can have around!

09. Documents To Go – Ninth on our list is this app which enables you to use Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and more in an easy to use interface. This makes it perfect for people on the go and those who need to get some extra work done.

08. GateGuru – This nifty little app will let you know about all of the flight delays, cancellations, and departure times so that you are alerted immediately.

07. Dolphin Browser HD – if you want a browser for your phone that is a little easier, more efficient, and has better graphics then get the Dolphin Browser!

06. Touchdown- This app makes it easier than ever to access email via the Android. The clean interface, simple buttons, and efficiency, this app ranks sixth on our list of must haves.

05. Lookout Mobile Security – due to the fact that people are entrusting more and more information on their phones, people with malicious intentions are looking for better ways to get that valuable information from phones. This app will scan your phone and protect you from malware as well as back it up.

04. Kindle And Nook – Now you never have to purchase one of those expensive e-readers; your phone will be a complete all in one device! This app will enable you to get books from either company onto your phone, making it a definite must have!

03. History Eraser – Smart phones store a lot of information such as logs, browsing history, and much more.  This app will erase everything and you can even customize what it erases.

02. Google Translate – For those of you who travel and aren’t familiar with the native language then you can use Google Translate for anything!

01. GasBuddy – With gas prices being astronomically high and people needing to save money where they can, this app has made it possible for you to find the cheapest gas wherever you go!



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