Bose has now come up with the new Sound Dock Series II digital music system. Bose has revamped its award-winning forerunner Sound Dock and has provided added features. There are two variants available in color ‘Black’ and ‘Silver’ and the approximate cost of the music system is $300.00 in US.

The Bose Sound Dock Series ll digital music system brings to fore an exclusive amalgamation of small size and great performance. The specifications of the product are: Power rating: 100-240V @ 50-60Hz, 1.5A, 81-100VA, Dimensions: 6.65?H x 11.91?W x 6.48?D (16.89 cm x 30.26 cm x 16.47 cm) and it weighs around 5.46 lbs or 2.07 Kg.

The music system comes with features such as compatibility with all iPhone and most iPod models and improved remote which controls basic iPod functions including playlist navigation. It also comes with an auxiliary input which can be used with other sound sources, e.g., MP3 or DVD/CD player. It also boasts of a fresher look with an even contoured design.

The new Sound Dock Series II digital music system comes with the same award-winning performance of the original Sound Dock digital music system but gives the user added features. The great acoustic design provides efficient and great quality audio reproduction in spite of the sleek and small size of the music system. The .iPod charger available with it charges docked iPod/iPhone whenever system is plugged in, even if the system is playing. The Volume control buttons are located directly on the system for easy accessibility when remote control is not readily available. The specialized Bose digital signal processing circuitry in the system ensures that even at low volumes there is more control over the sound leading to a highly consistent and lifelike reproduction of the music.

The whole gamut of accessories along with the latest technology of the music system ensures a vivid sound experience.


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