Some facts about the WordPress 2.6 version, which I found out recently are: This version was nicknamed as “Tyner”, which was after the waltz pianist, McCoy Tyner. WordPress 2.6 has many new features and enrichments, plus it has some step-ups which helps the WordPress to look absolutely perfect with new powerful CMS.

Among all features of WordPress, its topmost feature is undoubtedly the ability to track the changes in every page along with post along with the extra Google Gears. Here are some advanced features listed below.

  1. The Post Revisions: – This feature includes some editing options like “Wiki tracking system”.
  2. New features provide the dissimilarities among the two post versions
  3. Press This Feature: – You can post your content from anywhere on web by this feature, irrespective of your position on web
  4. You can boost your blogging speed using “Shift Gears”
  5. Prevision of themes: – You can watch the themes before your audience
  6. Be relaxed about the contents present in your post
  7. The “Image Caption” feature helps you to put in attractive captions which are created below your images
  8. Management of plugins in bulk quantity
  9. It has fully revamped image control system which provides the simplicity for inserting along with floating and resizing. The feature is totally integrated by means of “WYSIWYG”.
  10. Reordering of your galleries with the help of “Drag-and-Drop”
  11. A notification bubble will notify any updates on new available plug-ins
  12. The default avatars are fully customizable
  13. You may upload any media to web pages when you are in full-screen mode
  14. There is remote publishing function with the help of XML-RPC and APP. This function is by default, it however may be turned on simply throughout options screen.
  15. The core is provided with full SSL support along with the capacity to force the SSL for security purposes.
  16. Thousands of pages with group and no periphery matter
  17. Contains the ability to shift the wp-config file as well as directories of wp-content to any place, used for “spotless” SVN checkouts
  18. Pick a variety of checkboxes by means of “shift-click.”
  19. Toggle in between Flash uploader and the classic up-loader.
  20. Including interactions of cookies and database, and here are some more down to business safety enhancements provided as well.
  21. Faster and more empowered versions of jQuery UI, jQuery and TinyMCE are included.
  22. The WordPress Version 2.6 fixes around 194 bugs.

However, now we have moved on to WordPress 3.0.1, and things have changed way beyond what has been mentioned above. Will shortly post update about the latest features in the new version soon.


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