The Time Reader 2.0 For New York Times

New York Times is America’s daily newspaper for the past one hundred years. The group takes the digitalized version of the newspaper to the next level. It has recently launched the latest version of the Time Reader. It is built on the interface of Adobe.

The latest Time Reader 2.0 supports multiple platforms and adds some extra features to its earlier version. The advantage of the new version over its predecessor is that the interface is better designed, and is cleaner and neater like its navigation. This application helps in making the reading of the digitalized version of the newspaper as convenient as the original version.

Users of this application can change pages or articles by using the arrow keys present at the lower part of its page. It provides you with the same experience as that of reading the physical version of the newspaper.

The Time Reader 2.0 is compatible with almost all Operating Systems like Mac, Linux and all versions of Windows. The application can be downloaded for free from Here

The free version allows users to go through some of the sections of the newspaper. These free sections include the cover page of the newspaper and the Business Day. For enjoying and accessing the full content of the newspaper users have to pay $14.95 as the monthly subscription fee. The application fee is still lower than the subscription fee of the physical newspaper. The application keeps news for up to seven days and is easy to access.


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