The Ultimate List Of WAP Sites :

I was searching for a few WAP sites to download ringtones, software, videos, wallpapers, software for mobiles. In the process, I came across all these links that I thought will be helpful for everyone :

Free Ringtones, logos, SMS services :

Latest Nokia ringtones :

Get your own photos on WAP :

Keep track of your movie collection and related information :

Hungarian Portal ENCI:

Images and screenshots for SonyEricsson Phones:

Free games and pictures

Games, wallpapers, applications :

National Flags of all countries :

Wallpaper for Nokia 3530 :

Free games, ringtones, screensavers :

Free graphics :

Remove your operator logo :

Wallpapers for Nokia phones :

Email on your mobile phones :

Free Polyphonic ringtones, MP3, games, video clips,

Games, ringtones, wallpapers :

Data Care Point:

Free Graphics, Wallpapers, Games, Polyphonic, True, Real Ringtones.

WAP-related software download sites on the web :

Bollywood polytones, wallpapers, animations, games :

Online image software :

Bollywod ringtones :

Pinoy :

Orkut mobile login :

WAP Video –

Football livescore and football search :





Google for WAP Sites:


Movie Times:

OAG Flight Info:


Radio Song Info:


Telco Data:


Weather Channel:

(National) Weather Service:

I’ll add more links as I come across new ones.

46 Replies to “The Ultimate List Of WAP Sites :”

  1. Hi, Nice post! I noticed a broken link on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point it out to you.



  2. thank u all nice list im searching in google for this everytime … it has taken some burden out of me thank u thank u techbuzz

  3. Nice list. Too bad the only link I tried shows up as raw text (AKA: the page code) on my Sprint HTC Hero (smart phone… that’s probably why… or it could be the site I tried — my local transit site’s wap version works)

  4. Hi, am peter, need some wapsites? Here are d best.,,,,,, and many more. Email me 4 more on [email protected]

  5. Hey, what do you think about I’ve build it by myself, It recognies mobile useragent and dynamicly changes w and h resolution according to your phone, also, it shows only content that your phone support, as it is IP recogniseable, it changes language dynamicly, site is originaly on Serbian language (since I’m from Serbia) but if user come from “outside” it switch to eng.
    Since you all are browsing many sites, meaby you have some smart ideas or suggestions for me to implement,


  6. If I want to,how can i access free WAP internet service in my computer(laptop), or in my laptop through the use of mobile phone-nokia,sony ericson,samsung,and any other phones.

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