Windows Substitute for Apple’s GarageBand: Acoustica Mixcraft

Apple users seem to have the best of it all. The GarageBand application for Mac OS is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use softwares that have ever been written – letting you learn to play various instruments, as well as edit and work with music files. Windows users always wonder if there are equivalent softwares for Windows that will even come close to GarageBand. Well, there are a few worth mentioning – such as Propellerhead Software’s Reason, Cakewalk Kinetic Electronic Music Studio, Cakewalk Project5 LE, and Sony Acid. However, all of them have some flaw or the other – making them poor replacements for GarageBand. However, the recently released Acoustica Mixcraft seems to be a viable contender in this niche.

Apart from enabling you with basic audio editing functions – such as recording of tracks, and MIDI file support – this application comes with a whole range of facilities. With this software, voice-over and soundtracks for video files become dirt easy. Over and above the basic 20 of high quality sound effects, this package has a memory of more than 3000 music loops in scores of popular modes.

Much like GarageBand, Acoustica Mixcraft has a host of instruments in its library, letting you compose your own music, and record them and edit them as you wish. It literally transforms your PC into a recording studio equipped with the latest in musical instrumentation.

Moreover, Acoustica Mixcraft supports a large number of audio file types, and lets you even burn the resulting pieces that you end up composing. The simple and well-organized interface makes the break-in period short and interesting. On the whole, this package is fit to be called a suitable substitute for GarageBand.

It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/NT and even the latest Windows 7. Although it costs $74.95, there is a 14-day trial version that you can download from here and figure out if you really like Acoustica Mixcraft or not.


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