Today the trend of hosting multiple websites on a single domain name is on the rise. Whenever, there is a need for setting up a new website, just choose a new domain name to the existing account. It is that simple! However, before hosting for multiple websites, check if your provider offers you the provisions of hosting numerous websites or not. You must thoroughly check up if your host provider has allotted you enough space to manage the expected traffic on your website. You have to make a future estimate if your monthly generated traffic would exceed your transfer limits or not.

Further, it is extremely imperative to decide beforehand if you want to build up all your websites with the same web host provider. You must analyze if your web hosting company is offering you a decent package to support hosting multiple sites on the same account name or not. Next, analyze if you are really happy with the services of your current web hosting company. If yes, then get in touch with the relationship manager of the web hosting company. Ask him for offering you a good discount in hosting multiple sites.

Last but not the least! Maintain different IP address for each and every website you host. If you have decided to build numerous websites, it is imperative to link them with each other. For linking purpose, it is must to maintain different IP addresses for all your websites. This will increase the rank of your websites in the top search engines.


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