Time To Be A Spy And Identify A Photo / Video Authenticity

Identifying photo to ascertain its Authenticity, as either taken by Camera or if it is a Doctored image is confusing. There are few individuals who are very good in creating such pictures. Similarly, there are various video editor programmers which can edit and produce a video that appears as a master copy.

Now, it’s time to become a spy to identify such images and confirm whether they are original or edited. One can do so with the help of JPEG-Snoop a Photo/Video editing tool, which is a freeware.

The Characteristics of JPEG-Snoop are:

  • JPEG-Snoop is a mighty and clever tool which helps in identifying the authenticity of a Video or Photo.
  • JPEG-Snoop is adequate, which reads photo/video secret codes, called signatures
  • It can easily confirm the source of the images through signatures on it, whether they are shot by a camera or they are doctored images.
  • It analyzes the signature code present on a Photo/Video and attempts to pair it with various editing tools. Once the signature code corresponds with any Photo/ Video it will prove with evidence, that this file is edited with the source used to create this file.
  • Once source file is determined which comprises the signature code in the cameras, it will automatically label it as a master copy and for the doctored images it clearly reflects it as edited.
  • JPEG-Snoop backs few known file formats like PDF, MOV, JPG, AVI, and DNG. Further it can also be utilized to amend any corrupted pictures.
  • This tool is loaded with many signatures from various editing software.


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