I came across this amazing post by Rockstar Sid recently. It’s about tineye . Tineye is not just another Image search engine, it is a reverse image search engine .

TinEye analyzes the structure of an image in detail and figures import details of the image about where the image came from, if there are other such images floating around in the internet and if there are any modified versions of the image available.

TinEye - Tomorrow

When you upload an image it creates an unique fingerprint for the image and compares it with the fingerprint of the images in its database.

Ok now lets run through a live example:

Take a look at this image, now if you search for this image in Tineye, you’ll see how many copies of the image are there online and who all are using it !

So who’s this useful for

Well there are a lot of uses of this service if you can think about, but the best I can think about is to search copyrighted images.

You can track in real time if anybody is using copyrighted image ! A Copyright Image Search Engine in the making eh ?

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