Tips On Consumption Of Time For Greater Productive Chores While Disk Cleanup Scanning

What is Disk Clean Up?

Disk Clean up is a term used in computers to clear off or delete the older compressed files within the Registry, to save hard disk space. Disk Cleanup is certainly a beneficial exercise to be carried on the computers routinely, once in 3 to 6 months phase.

While operating disk cleanup utility on computer, the scanning procedure generally consumes an endless lengthy duration to cease, as it also scans throughout the Older Compressed Files. Computer technicians have found a unique and well known way to curb this scanning process in lesser time possibly, by booting out the drive from scanning Older Compressed Files.

Hence, to speed up scanning procedure by omitting Older Compressed Files, an Individual can delete the Older Compressed Files within the Registry. However, make sure to suffice the backup of files, if in case you need the original settings.

The Steps to be followed for Disk Clean Up are:

  • Select Windows Start on left corner of your screen and then select RUN
  • Now, Type in the letter’s regedit and hit enter on your key board.
  • Navigate and locate the link: (KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches).
  • Select the Squeezed older files registry entry option, then select the delete key to delete the entries.
  • Finally, reboot your computer to give the effects to changes made.

Next time, you will understand that the scanning operation will consume lesser time for the completion of disk cleanup utility, hence allowing you to consume the saved time for greater productive chores.


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