Ensure Safety And Security Of Confidential Information On Your iPhone Using Callpod Keeper

“Keeper” is an excellent iPhone application launched by Callpod, a leading creator of mobile phone accessories and variety of software for different electronic devices such as computers, phones etc.

Callpod Keeper as described by the company is the best iPhone application which is able to store account numbers, secret passwords, logins, lists, notes and any other confidential business/ personal information in the most safest and secure manner.

Callpod Keeper possesses some unique features as mentioned below:

  1. Ability to Import, Export and Backup data.
  2. Military-Grade 128-bit AES Encryption.
  3. Able to share data between multiple phones, PC/Mac.
  4. Is compatible with most operating Systems including MAC and Linux as well as mobile devices such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, iPod Touch etc.
  5. Offers a self-destruct mode.
  6. Realtime search.

You may buy Callpod Keeper application from the very popular iTunes App store at $4.99.


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