To Change The Hot Keys According To You Use Keyboard Tweaker

Many of the daily computer users might always use the hotkeys for faster and easier execution of any program. It works as a great charm when something needed to be open up faster and there remains no time to go through the normal process to open those program from start menu.

For such people, Keyboard Tweaker is just the appropriate tool kit. With the help of this tool called Keyboard Tweaker, you can assign a combination of keys of your keyboard to work as a hotkeys to open some programs like the way you want it.


It won’t cost anything, neither for downloading nor for the installing. Just download the software and launch it, later install it and you are good to go. As default they have already setup a combination of keys to open up some of the daily used programs, such as command prompt, calculator and lots more stuff like that. You can browse and set your own hotkeys for your own desired programs.

The keyboard tweaker works great with operating system such as Windows 2000, 98, 95, vista and Windows XP. As the functions can be customized and are easy to use, it is a powerful utility tool.


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