Toggle To Multiple Inactive Tabs Using WizMouse

If you are working on a project report and typing information after searching the relevant information over the web, in the meantime if you need to open the inactive window to see the matter and content by clicking on the window. In this process you need to minimize or close your current window on which you are working and start on other window which you refer for information. It is really annoying for many users who want to concentrate on their work and maintain their consistency.

Therefore, Antibody software released an application which transforms your mouse into scroll bar and you can easily scroll to inactive window without getting closing your current window.  The name of this application is WizMouse, which enables users to get their content or matter easily without clicking on the specific window. It enhances the mouse functionality and you just need to move mouse pointer to the required window tab and you will be able scroll up and down to the window though it is inactive.

It means this enhances the mouse features and makes it more useful. Now your working will be easier by having this software. If you find it useful for you then download WizMouse from here.


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