Track And Complete Your Tasks With Swift To-Do List Lite

Swift To-Do List Lite is pretty useful and simple task tracking utility, which gives reminders with good grouping of your work. It is very easy to use tool available with easy to understand track lists view. Including some basic functionalities, this tool allows you to open your to-do list with the combination of hotkeys.

This handy tool has simple GUI and includes self descriptive buttons placed in the menu. You could promptly setup any of your pending tasks by giving it priority, reminders, due date and type. Therefore, all such opened tasks could be tracked and closed accurately in a more effectual manner.

One of the good things amongst all the features is that you could export or print your to-do lists if you want the hardcopy when you are on the move. It also offers some extra functions like the coloring feature with which you can highlight the task according to priority, at the top, you’ll see unfinished task or expired date for accurate tracking.

Generally, after instillation this tool will place a small icon in the system tray which could be brought up with easy combination of hotkeys or directly by double clicking on it. By using this simple tool, you will be able to handle all your tasks more systematically. Any of your tasks could not slip through your hand with this feature and you could eventually delete them at the end. This utility works well with Windows OS. Go to the following link  Here to download it for absolutely free.


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