Do you follow a lot of auction sites, forums, news sites, product updates, job notices where it is very essential to keep your self updated with minute to minute changes on the site. These kind of sites are updated very regularly and it is extremely difficult if you have to keep track of it manually.

Copernic Tracker is a remarkable utility that makes it possible to track changes in web pages sited on various web venues and intranet, as well as folders. It can keep you updated with altered words, newly added links and images on the pages you wish to track. Copernic Tracker gives you rest from manually refreshing pages !

One cool feature of Copernic Tracker is that it permits you to keep a back up of the changed pages, which will help you see the differences between the different changed versions. You can append your own notes about the revisions using this software. A progress tracking report updates you on task progression.

Using the powerful query syntax helps track any particular words / phrases or sentences in the web pages. Preset schedules also assist performing tracking easily several times a day, daily, weekly or monthly. In case you do not want to execute the tracking immediately you can postpone it ad infinitum. Automatic logs of the tracking tasks are also obtained.

Imports and exports of page revisions with images are made plausible by Copernic Tracker. Page alteration alerts can be seen with the aid of icons, sms notifications and email reports. The software is capable of sending e-mail tracking-reports with the use of SMTP, Microsoft Exchange and MAPI to multiple recipients.

For easy access to the application the software permits the user to add its shortcut icon to the browser Tools-menu and context menu, IE toolbar, Quick-launch toolbar and Windows Desktop. The track lists’ laying and sorting can be customized. Default settings, menus and tool bars can also be customized by users as per their requirements.

The software is compatible with Windows 98, 2000, ME, 2003 and XP. Online technical help from the Copernic team is available.

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  1. Hi,
    You shared a great article about how to track contents that gets updated without actually visiting but I was actually looking for a software which is free. The one you shared here is paid one. Can you share free one if you come across.

    Tom Carnell, I visited the site you shared here but the free ones have very less feature not even email notificatio. Not worth without paying.


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