Fmenu is a drop down list which shows you all the latest events on your Facebook account. Fmenu is very quick and it takes about 35 seconds to scan Facebook. FMenu is a kind of menu that provides you with notifications about the various events in your Facebook account.

Track Facebook Activities Login Without Logging Into Facebook In MAC

> Fmenu is compatible with Leopard.
> The log in and log out functions are now better than ever.
> Updates are now automatic using sparkle.
> Now, changes in your internet connections can be detected in a more effective way.
> While using Fmenu you can remain connected to Facebook through your Mac’s main menu bar.

Fmenu is very stable with Tiger, though some Leopard have often given negative feedback that the application tends to crash very often.

One of the minor problem in application is that if your Mac is into hibernation while Fmenu is still running then it will simply fill up the screen with numerous notifications. I hope this will be fixed at the earliest !

[ Download FMenu ]


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