Track The Changes In Files Download Directory Monitor

Often we had to share the desktop usage with a third party though we keep confidential files in our system. Generally those confidential files or folders are locked away with Hide Folders or My LockBox so that not one could browse through those secret files.

We can also track the changes made in those files, such as any kind of modification of the files, addition or deletion of any old or new files. In this case the tool that comes handy is Directory Monitor. It monitors all the network drives and even local drives and track down all the changes that have been made with few simple steps.


In the beginning you can add specific directories that you want to be monitored. Other than this you can customize the folder checking, balloon tips in the interval, refresh directories, create any backup, and even ignore certain patterns of files. While working on Directory Monitor you can run any application if needed.

Every tool has some or other drawbacks and this one has only one shortcomings. In order to make the tool work perfectly on your computer’s, you need to have both Windows Installer version 3.1 along with service pack 1 of .NET framework version 3.5.


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