Track The Time Of Your Children Spent On Computer By True Time Tracker

These days, computers have become the most essential tool every field of life and it has been included as compulsory course in the schools for childern. Thus, your children can also spend lots of time in front of computer, but do they really study or waste their time chatting on Facebook or on other social network sites like Orkut and Tweeter? Its manually difficult to overlook them all the time.

So, for tracking their activities on the computer, you could use the software named “True Time Tracker“, which is very useful for both, professional and personal purposes. It is a free Windows application that can spy on your children, indicating the amount of time actually spent on their studies and chatting on Fcebook or on Orkut.


The True Time Tracker is very user-friendly application. Once you start it, it will work very calmly online casino in the background and it will display all the report of the time your child has spent on the Internet, the sites your children surfed and on any specific program.

It can give you an overall review resulted by the project or subject. If you want to block the access for your kids to this particular application, then set a password and keep a report of your children”s activities over Internet and computer. This application can be downloaded via Track Time link.


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