Track The Usage Of Your PC With Marxio Login Logger

Nowadays children are seen spending a lot of time on the computer which can lead to severe consequences if parents do not balance their daily activities and see to it that it does not affect their academics. However, parents can now track the computer usage and check how frequently their kids login to the computer by using Marxio Login Logger.

Marxio Login Logger comes with a tracking mechanism which efficiently records login and logout information of your computer system. Neither does it possess a user interface nor does it gets displayed as a system tray icon to prevent others from knowing that it is actually running. It runs in the background and keeps track of login/logout information in detail.

Once you start using this utility on your PC, it cannot be closed easily as it stops only when your system is turned off. You may also customize the contents as well as the name and path of the log file. The log file can be customized in such a manner that it displays the format as per your preference. The gambling online casinos configuration file contains the syntax and explanation to make its usage simpler.

Marxio Login Logger is capable of capturing information like date/time when a login/logout occurs, domain, username, Windows OS, computer name and IP Address. This information is enough to track who has logged in and logged out of the PC and at what time. You can also track the duration of usage for different user accounts as well.

Marxio Login Logger v1.0 can be downloaded free of cost and can be used with Windows 2000, Vista, XP and Windows 7. Moreover, this utility does not need any installation. You need to just download and run its Executable (EXE) file and it starts running

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