Track Your Fitness Level On Iphone Using Smheartlink

The modish gadget iPhone is loaded with so many features and applications that give you more options to explore everything that what you want. It is really interesting to use your iPhone as the device to track your fitness level by associating a device with it. Recently iTMP technology, released a tiny yet powerful device, which is used to track fitness level via iPhone or iPod Touch. The name of this newly launched device is SMHeartlink.

As far as technical points of view is concerned, SMHeartlink works as wireless bridge, which compiles data from the variety of sources such as fitness and health sensors, power meters, cycling speed etc. After sending the data to iPhone via Wi-Fi, with different features of suite of fitness such as iRPM+, the users can monitor their fitness level. This device is compatible with several reputable products and censors such as Reebok, Nike, Timex, Garmin, Ironman, and New Balance.


It is really lightweight device that weighs approximately 3 ounces. The sleek and compact design makes it more convenient to carry along while you are on a move, either going to gym or cycling. It means you can easily enjoy your favorite music while you are monitoring your fitness level with this latest device of iTMP technology.

It is really worthy of your money. You need to pay $155 to buy SMHeartlink, which you can directly buy it from the online stores. You will be glad to have this device in order to keep yourself healthy and get updated with your fitness level. It is the best data collector that transmits the gathered information to your iPhone instantly, in order to update you about your fitness level. Why not let this device be your fitness expert, which manages your daily exercise schedules.


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