These are the kind of tool that make life easy. Lets say you want to translate the content of a file from the present language to any other language of your preference, then the easiest way known to all of us is to use Googles Translation service, which no doubt does a fantastic job ! You copy the content of the file, use Googles free service, translate the content, copy it back to a new file. That’s an easy task, but not really if you have a lot of files to translate. It becomes more difficult if you have to translate Microsoft PPts. To solve this problem you can use DocTranslate.

DocTranslate is an eminent language translator for your Microsoft word and PowerPoint documents. With this tool installed in your system, you just need to click one button to translate the entire text on the file. This tool automatically translates the selected file with the help of Google translation service. It promptly translates the text without compromising with the layout of the original text. You can further improvise on the standard of translation service offered by this application. It also has provisions to let the users perform modifications in the translation on a massive basis.

You can even run this software directly on the directory of your Word documents. This way you can translate all the documents in the directory / folder at one go. If you have a lot of ppts, then all the ppt documents in the particular directory can easily be translated into the desired language. Also, when you translate the files in one specific language, all the files named with this language will not be translated again. For example, you direct the files in the directory to get translated to French, then the files with the names “fr_”, will not get re-translated.

This tool makes the translation of your files extremely simple. All you need to do is simply run this program, select the particular directory for translation and then select the language options, “from” and “to”. At last click on the option Translate. The installation of this software is also an easy process. First and foremost, you need to subscribe with its official website. You will then receive a mail carrying your license number. Then, you can easily download the software by clicking on its download link.

[ Download DocTranslate ]


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