Getting regular updates on the blogs and sites that we are following becomes easier through RSS feeds. These RSS feeds give you timely updates on the latest and the most recent activities or changes incorporated on your favorite sites. This saves you from the pain of visiting the page every day to check for the updates, if any, in your most read sites. However, you can access RSS feeds only if your system is loaded with an internet browser. But Beon4U is an innovative tool that offers users to create and customize free feed reader widget on your desktop. With this feed reader desktop, you can get timely alerts on the latest activities of your following sites and blogs without accessing your internet browser at all.

Beon4U is a service especially designed for users who face distressing problems of low servers on a frequent basis. Instead of keeping the user totally unaware of the latest happenings on his favorite blogs and sites, he can remain well abreast with the news via Beob4U. To install the feed reader widget, all you need to do is visit the website, key in the valid feed code, accept all terms and conditions to customize the widget and then, press submit. Within a few minutes, Beon4U will send across installation files for users to install the widget on their desktop.

This service is popularly used by those users who have no leisure time to check the regular updates on their favorite sites. Beon4U will automatically keep a close check on every new post and page on the site and promptly inform the users.

Well theĀ  above description talks about Beon4U then, but now beon4U has turned into a language translation service. Haven’t really tried it, but worth a try I guess !!

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