Translate Your Required Word/Phrase Using Firefox Add-on

Occasionally, you come across some interesting quotes or contents and want to convert some contents over the website into your required language format. In this situation probably, you go to Google and translate and copy-paste the required paragraph or word to convert into your required language format.

However, this is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Eventually, you can shorten or lessen this tiresome copy and paste work by adding new add-on in your Firefox web browser. The Firefox add-on named gtranslate that will surely simplify the translation work.

Developed by Google translate, gtranslate operates as an online service language translation platform to translate contents. This add-on is very easy-to-use and convenient for the users. Users are only required to get this add-on installed on their Firefox web browser. Initially, to translate any word, phrases or contents, you need to select or highlight the specific word or phrases. After then right-click on the selected word or phrases, you will be shown translation sub-menu in its shortcut.

If users select any long phrase to translate, they will not be able to see shortcut menu. Nevertheless, they can click on translation menu to open full translation option. The new window will be opened containing the instructions to translate huge paragraphs.

This add-on will facilitate can translate various languages because it is completely powered by Google translate service. The available languages are Arabic, English, Bulgarian, Dutch, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Korean, Czech, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Croatian.

Few more key features of gtranslate

  • Automatically, detect the original language of contents of the webpage
  • Option to detect genuine language of selected paragraph or whole content of the webpage.
  • Users can set the destination language to browser.
  • Users can translate image title or alt attributes.

Generally, this add-on will simplify the translation task of the user. It doesn’t translate the entire contents of the webpage automatically, but definitely ease out the entire process of translation. While you are reading the contents of the webpage and want to translate particular phrase or quote, gtranslate will allow you to do so.

The huge and comprehensive database of available languages to/from translate make it very useful in alleviating daunting task of translation. It allows users to translate any phrase with few clicks easily. You can download and install this Firefox extension directly from Here.


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