Trayit! For Keeping The Running Applications Under System Tray

Most of the times, we need to open so many applications on the computer at a time, and the taskbar of Windows gets crowded with all the running apps. While, accessing the other programs via taskbar, you could be easily confused in order to find the exact application. You could avoid the confusion and congestion caused by many running applications using a special tool to manage these functioning applications.

You could make use of a pretty handy tool namely TrayIt! In order keep your running applications under the system tray. TrayIt! is an executable file where there is no need of installation and you could just run it by double click. It shows all the running windows and tasks on your computer. By holding Shift key while minimizing window, you can put that window under the system tray temporarily.

On the other hand, if you want to keep the window always in the system tray whenever you minimize it, just use TrayIt! In the user interface, just select the application that you want to keep under system tray. Now, right click on the selected application, a context menu will be displayed. Select the option “Place in System Tray” and your selected application will be minimized and kept under the system tray.


There are a few options with which you could customize TrayIt! behavior.  Go to Edit menu and select Profiles option. You could choose there options to group all similar tray icons for each application, computer startup, and single click for activating application from the system tray. Then click on system tray to keep applications on foreground and activate while running in the background. Press shift key instead of ctrl key to minimize the window temporarily in the system tray.

All in all, TrayIt! is useful and absolutely free to use. It is helpful, especially while you run lot of applications simultaneously on the computer. This tool works well with Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP. Use the following link to download such a pretty useful tool.


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