Trick To Auto Launch Most Preferred Websites By Firefox

Firefox surfers had to type in URL each time they launch Internet browser to surf their preferred links but not anymore. Now, Firefox add-on can carry out this trick, as it supports speed dial feature. Earlier, this trend was seen on chrome and opera browsers.

Speed Dial is an optional feature on firefox which helps in providing surfers a list of preferred websites with a screenshot to make surfers every visit pleasant. Speed dial on Firefox is not an inherent feature like other browsers. However, speed dial can be enabled through Firefox add-on installation facility viz. “Speed Dial”.

Just download Speed-Dial feature with firefox add-on and complete the installation. Automatically speed dial will commence to supervise your web searches and sort the most preferred sites according to the surfing order.

Each time firefox browser homepage is launched, it will automatically display 9 most preferred sites with vivid screenshots. Firefox speed dial installations steps can be found on the Speed-dial “user’s information and installation” add-on page.


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