Trick to Download Files from Megaupload without Timer limit and Word Verification just like Premium Member

There are many people who depend on Megaupload in order to download and upload several files. There is no doubt that Megaupload is the best online file sharing and hosting website. However, you need to have some specific subscription to transfer files with Megaupload at faster rate with no waiting time. Therefore tech-freaks create tricks to download files as a premium member without waiting for time and word verification limits. 

This latest trick does not require any kind of third party application, you just need to recreate download link manually in order to bypass all limits.  You could download files easily using your regular web browser.



Normally Megaupload download link looks similar to this: Now you just add mgr_dl.php before “?” Symbol and you will get final download link that would look something like

You are done, now you can download your required files on your computer directly without going through timer limit and word verification. Do remember this trick is only for bypassing timer limit and word verification. You can not bypass Megaupload IP limit check. It means you just have to do simple work to download files easily form Megaupload.


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