Trick To Extend ANS Rearmwindows 7Activation Grace Period

The all new Windows 7 is going to carry on the trend of trial software which has been started with the release of Windows Vista. You can now install Windows 7 with no product key but only for free usage of 30 days evaluation period. Throughout the activation free grace period of 30 days, you won’t have to activate Windows 7 edition. You can make use of Windows 7 of whichever edition along with full functionality.

The Windows 7 activation utility will remind the user about the number of days left to enter a valid product key for the 30 days after which it will block the usage of the operating system. Actually, Windows 7 can be provided with a surreptitious ‘rearm’ product key for resetting the free evaluation 30 days limit. With this rearm key you can extend the activation-grace period or expiry date of the evaluation period for one more 30 days officially.

Microsoft offers 3 opportunities to ‘rearm’ the operating system. It works as an element of tool designed for system administrator for restoring and resetting activation state Win 7 to the factory state throughout the early OOB grace period.

Accordingly with the ‘rearm’ hack, you can extend the grace period activation of Win 7 used for up to 3 times more, and it operates more efficiently with no product key and with no activation for 4 months. The rearm hack has to be carried out only when the activation grace period is going to expire soon. ‘Rearm’ hack on Windows 7 is carried out with the help of similar steps and commands that are available in Vista.

Following is step by step process to extend the evaluation period to 120 days:

  • First of all, install Windows 7 free activation grace period available without product key.
  • After installation, apply the Windows 7 used for 30 days.
  • When the expiry date of the free evaluation period closes in, start your Windows 7 and then launch Command Prompt.
  • Enter any one of the commands into the cmd given below:

slmgr.vbs –rearm

sysprep /generalize

slmgr /rearm

rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows

  • Restart Windows 7, and use for 30 days more. Just enjoy the new activation period as well as there is no requirement to crack it.
  • When this period reaches to the expiry date just go over the ‘rearm’ trick again and enjoy another 30 day usage of Windows 7. However, the rearm command could be run for only 3 times.


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