Trick To Gain Faster And Simpler Entry To Desired Program Or Folder

Individuals like to gain access to certain programs or folders frequently with a single mouse click without navigating the particular locations of those programs or folders

They can utilize this freeware called Folder-Menu. It is a utility tool which makes this task very quick and easy for users to gain entry to their preferred folders or programs with hardly a single mouse click. 

Users have to just install this utility folder menu tool on their computer system and configure it. 

This tool automatically recovers the listing of largely accessed or used programs, folders from the windows browsing history and puts together this listing as per the user’s requirement. 

Simply select its icon located in computers system tray region and gain easy entry to your mostly utilised programs or folders. 

Users can also setup their desired programs or folder’s list manually. Just select on the “add favourites” option and begin adding these listing of all your desired programs or folders.

They can also assign keyboard shortcuts to few folders or programs for gaining quick entry. After assigning these keyboard shortcuts, users can visit specific folder or program by utilizing these hotkeys. 

Folder menu tool allows access to any program, thereby easing your computer usage.


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