Trick To Increase The Booting Time On Networking Computer Systems

Computer Systems take more starting time if they are connected on a “Shared Network”. Sharing a network means that your computer system is associated with a group of systems or it is an integral division of computer systems network.

These decreases the booting time severely and a computer system starts behaving strange on certain occasions. Sometimes it consumes more than two minutes of your time (General Statistics) to boot up, and once you are logged on, you’re logged account halts down for a couple of minutes.

Individuals might also sight blank window screen with no icons displayed for some indefinite time and all this occurs because a computer attempts to utilize all its inventories in establishing a connection with the networking computer systems.

This is mostly due to “Microsoft’s printer and file sharing program”. It utilizes many resources on computer, since it attempts to gain access to other computer files, drives and any connected hardware devices like printer etc.

It consumes around “65 seconds to 01 minute” of system booting time, hence individuals are made to hold back for a lengthier duration to gain entry to computer system.

This tiresome booting behavior on computer systems can be improved by disabling printer and file sharing option.

Steps required in disabling printer and file sharing option on networking computers are as follows:

  • Select windows start option and highlight “my network places” option and press a right mouse click and select the last option called as “properties”.
  • Now, highlight and press a right mouse click on “ethernet adepter connection” option and select the last option called as “properties”.
  • Now, in this window uncheck the option named as “printer and file sharing for Microsoft-Networks” and select the “OK” and “Apply” button to save the settings changes made.
  • Now Restart your computer system to get the changes made on computer system.

Hereafter, individuals can experience significantly quicker booting time. If in case individuals are required to have printer and file sharing connection established in future, they can just follow the above illustrated steps and just check the option “printer and file sharing for Microsoft-Networks”. It will get enabled automatically on next computer system restart.


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