Tricks to Open Multiple Waves in Single Google Wave Screen

Now a day’s, many individuals would like to try their hands on Wave communication program provided by Google. As we know that Google Wave invites are one of the most recent buzzes of this moment.

While accessing Google Wave you can easily come to know about how exactly it functions. The Google wave releases in the right hand side pane of the browser or the explorer. On the other hand, if you decrease the waves catalog pane, contacts pane and navigation pane it can be extended to engage in and use more screen. At the same time if you going to access previously opened wave, are are then you must click on to open up new wave, whereas the newly opened wave will replace the open wave.

If a user not too happy with single screen, as not all users might find it convenient to work on single wave at a time, they can go for open multiple waves at once. This is one of the in-built attribute of Google Wave. This attribute supports to open multiple waves at once.

To open more than one wave or numerous waves at once, click on the wave by holding Ctrl key that you desire to open as the new wave. However, the recently opened wave will become visible at the bottom of the presented wave, and it then starts moving further right if more numbers of waves are opened at a time.


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