TrueCaller has finally added the caller ID feature on the iPhone app. The TrueCaller Caller ID feature on iPhone has been available on Android phones for many years now. TrueCaller could not replicate the feature on iPhones due to restrictions placed by Apple. Now, TrueCaller has solved the issue and provided caller ID feature on its iOS app.

TrueCaller Caller ID feature on iPhone

The caller ID feature will automatically provide you with the name of the person who is calling, even if you do not have their contact listed in your phone. The only catch is that iPhone users need to keep the app running in the background. While this is not a necessity on Android phone, it is required for iPhones. This might be a small tradeoff that iPhone users would have to make.

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TrueCaller has not revealed how it has implemented the caller ID feature since Apple does not provide such API features in the iOS. Meanwhile, many users who have updated the app have reported that the caller ID feature is not working for them.

Is the TrueCaller Caller ID feature on iPhone working for you? Let us know in the comments below.


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