Try The New Google Chrome Stable 6

Most of the net surfers are very well familiar with the Google Chrome web browser, which is a WebKit LayOut Engine and it is an application framework. Recently, it has completed and celebrated its second anniversary with a new release of stable version in Google Chrome Stable 6, which is more streamlined with fast speed.

Google Chrome has been created with JavaScript and now the performance of Google Chrome has been enhanced and upgraded than before.  Now it is much more faster, than the time it was introduced, which is about two years ago.

According to latest blog of Chrome, apart from an improvement in speed, it has been introduced with new features like more customized New Tab page, better privacy controls, password manager, Autofill, HTML5 capabilities, synchronization of various settings, automatic translation, browser themes and side-by-side view.

The Google Chrome stable 6 has been added with these new improvements and features as mentioned below:

  • Improved and updated User Interface (UI).
  • Form Autofill.
  • Syncing of Autofill data and extensions.
  • Fast speed and improvement in stability.
  • Fixes Security issues.


The Google Chrome stable 6 can be downloaded from the official site of Google Chrome.  Just visit on Google Chrome website and type following URL in the address bar 6.0.472.53 to download the latest version of Google Chrome Stable 6.

Google Chrome stable 6 for Windows XP, Vista and 7
Google Chrome stable 6 for Mac
Google Chrome stable 6 for Linux


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