Turn Off / Disable / Remove Highlighting Newly Installed Programs In Windows Vista / XP

Easy Way to Disable the Highlighting of Newly Installed Program

The Windows operating systems such as Windows Vista and Windows XP has an enabled feature of the highlighting all the programs that have been newly installed in to the system. Whenever we install any new program on these operating systems and visit the start menu, the newly installed programs are highlighted and listed there.

There is a bubble next to these programs that acts a notification. Users who do not wish to have their newly installed programs highlighted can easily disable this feature. To turn this off, simply click on the Start button, from the Context menu select Properties. A dialog window named Task Bar and Start Menu Properties opens up. Here click on the Start menu tab.

The Windows Vista users should click on the customize button under the start menu. Here uncheck the check box with the option “Highlight newly installed programs”.

The Windows XP users should select the advanced tab and uncheck the check box with the option “Highlight newly installed programs”. Then click on OK.

After these settings have been correctly carried out, you will see that the newly installed programs in your system will not be highlighted when displayed in the start menu.

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