Internet browsers give their users an option to save their passwords for the websites. The browser then recalls the password each time you want to login to that website.

Firefox (if you have still not, then please migrate to Firefox now! ) also provides this kind of facility and every time you key in a password the browser asks the question, “Do you want Firefox to remember this password?

When you login into websites like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail or any social sites like orkut or Facebook, this option is displayed. If you accept and allow it to be saved, then your password automatically get precluded in the browser. So the next time you login to the same website, your password is automatically entered in the field by Firefox. This feature is especially convenient for the users who regularly use these sites.

However in certain case you might realize that your password can be misused by someone who uses your PC or accidentally you might have clicked on “never for this site” option but actually you want to save your password for that site. If you are also facing any such difficulty then here is the answer to your woes. Here are some instructions to help you manage your password information on Firefox and fix the above problems:

1> How To Remove My Saved Password in Firefox,

2> How to save password after clicking ‘Never for this site’ in Firefox.


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