Tutorial On Support To Unpack Dreamscene

Recently, Windows Vista had extended its support by launching one of its unique featured desktop utility tools called as Dreamscene. This desktop utility tool dreamscene enhances user’s desktop experience with attention-grabbing desktop special effects.                                                                         

Users with dreamscene can actually customize their desktop’s background with video files, automatically modify desktop-wallpapers, attach different desktop special effects etc.

However, the most-unfortunate effect is that dreamscene isn’t simpatico with windows7 operating system and users might get quite a lot of problems if they are utilizing this tool on windows 7 OS.

The Uninstalling or Unpacking of utility tool dreamscene on windows7 operating system isn’t that simpler too. So, the tutorial is provided to users in order to help them to unpack or uninstall dreamscene from their computer systems completely, to avoid anymore issues caused to them.

Frequently, users might have with troubles on their windows7 operating system by dreamscene like text details not appearing underneath desktop images, system gets frozen etc.

Most of the windows7 users may have tried uninstalling dreamscene and they were unsuccessful, some may also contemplate formatting their operating system completely. Windows7 users don’t have to format their operating system, as this can be uninstalled easily.

In order to Uninstall or Unpack dreamscene on windows 7, the set of few steps to be followed are as follows:

  • First of all users need to download dreamscene “Registration Key
  • Now, once users have Registration Key in their possession, they need to install the same on their computer system.
  • In order to install users need to highlight it first, and then double click on it to install.
  • Now, after the installation process, it will unpack and erase all dreamscene registry-values from your computer system.
  • Now, navigate to the path on your computer given as c:\windows\system32\ and erase Dreamscene (.dll) file.
  • Now, navigate to the path on your computer given as c:\windows\system32\en-us folder and erase dreamscene(.dll.mui) file
  • Now, finally reboot your computer system to refresh, to see Dreamscene removed from the system.

Now, after this session dreamscene should be removed completely from your windows 7 operating computer system.


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