We often switch off our systems out of frustration over its mere caterpillar speed. Just imagine when you have logged in, in a hush, to search for something utmost urgent and the pages load at a dead slow speed. It is immensely frustrating and stressing. However, your numerous downloads since the dawn of the day and juggles between too many tabs are the reasons to blame for your slow internet speed. And, with your browser working at such a slow speed, tweaking your network is the only recourse.

At times, when your browser runs at a real slow speed, tweaking the network connection speed as TCP/ IP considerably improves the speed of your net. Tweaking your internet connection allows your Internet explorer 7 to make around 16 connections per server. For this you need to download the updated version of registry tweak. After, you’ve downloaded the latest version double click on it to add to your system’s registry.

Or to enhance the speed of your internet explorer 7, you can simply follow some steps. All you need to do is copying the following code on a notepad and then you will have to save it as TweakIE7.reg.

Follow the path:

Windows Registry Editor Version5.00
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings]

All the users working on internet explorer 5 and internet explorer 5+ versions can now easily enhance the speed of their browser. Since tweaking is supported by all the versions above internet explorer 5, users can ensure a sped up browsing experience whenever they log in.



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